£40 per hour

That was simple, wasn’t it? I charge a flat rate of £40 per hour for my projects. We discuss your requirements and I give you an estimate of how long the work will take. That’s the price you pay. If I say it’ll take me 8 hours, and it takes me 9, you pay the price for 8 hours as I quoted you. If a project gets more complicated and will require a lot of additional work, I’ll let you know before I continue.

I also have a day rate package: 8 hours for £250.

These don’t have to be used consecutively, or in one day (as long as all 8 hours are used within 30 days). It’s a saving of £70 compared to 8 hours at my standard rate.

Simple, honest, transparent. That’s what working with me is like. Get in touch to find out more.

Provide top quality & value for your business or your clients at just £40 per hour.