Copy is an investment, not an expense. When you hire a copywriter, you are paying forward, not paying out.

The often overlooked benefit of copy lies in its value to your business. People often see it as an optional extra, or a nice bit of decoration. They treat copywriting in the same way someone might say ‘I’ve got nothing to do this afternoon, I’ll go and buy some paint and touch up the conservatory‘. It’s not excessive to spend several thousand pounds on a website if doing so will make you hundreds of thousands of pounds in profit, is it? This is the kind of thing copywriting does – takes something that is working to a degree, and supercharges it – hence why it is an investment. How much is even a 5% increase in business worth to you?

That said, it doesn’t matter how good an investment something is if it breaks the bank to begin with. Which is why my rate is a highly competitive £40 per hour. You get affordable copywriting that helps your business grow, not work that puts you in a financial rut.

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