Why ‘The Hyperteller’?

Rewan About 200pxRegardless of the end purpose, marketing is all about stories. It is a modern day fable, where you create a problem scenario that your target audience can relate to, with the ‘moral’ of the tale being that your product or service can solve their problem. You are telling them a story.

And that’s what I do. I am a storyteller for the internet (or hyper) age. A Hyperteller.

About Rewan Tremethick

A lifelong passion for words, and various creative and professional projects, has given me an interesting perspective on the way in which people react to the things they read. Even in today’s world of flashy images and videos, words still have power over us all.

As a writer of both creative projects and business copy, I understand that emotion is a powerful tool, whether you want the reader to sympathise with your main character, or buy your product or service. It is all about engagement, and crafting messages that people can’t help but respond to.

I have worked with clients across Cornwall and the UK, and even in America. I have had English language murder mystery novellas published by a German company, and my debut novel, Fallen on Good Times, is due to be published in 2014 by a Scottish publisher. I have also dabbled in stand-up comedy and radio presenting, so have truly exercised my ability with words, both in writing and in speaking.

Check out my portfolio for a look at some of the people I have worked with, and for testimonials from just a few of my many happy clients.

For blogging that gets you the results you want, use the contact page to get in touch with me today.

DSCI0638You can’t write three published novels without developing the skills to catch a reader’s attention, engage them, and keep them coming back for more. All these are transferable to blogging, and exercising my creative muscles gives my writing an edge over someone who has only written for business purposes, allowing me to create interesting copy that resonates and has personality.

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