The winning content I create is:


Web copy, blogs, and articles that people can actually read, formatted for ease on the eye so key messages aren't missed.


Content that creates engagement. With The Hyperteller, you get high quality copy that generates a response from readers.


You don't have to compromise on quality for the sake of cost. Quality, effective copywriting is just £40 per hour.


All online content is written with White Hat SEO practices in mind, helping to boost your rankings.


Every page, article, blog, email campaign and brochure is checked using Copyscape to ensure 100% unique content.


Receive quality content delivered quickly, whether the project is a few hundred words, or a few thousand.

Recent Insights

An ice cold coke - perfect at Christmas thanks to clever marketing

Why the Coke advert kickstarts Christmas; lessons on winning your customers’ hearts

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Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash A young boy runs into a church tower. He leaps into the air and grabs the bell rope, yanking it down and setting the bell clanging. The first few notes of the orchestra swell and over the hill we can see through the skeletal threes a convoy of lights

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Grammar is a mysterious ritual to some business owners

The dark art of grammar – why it shouldn’t terrify businesses this Hallowe’en

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Lots of businesses will soon be advertising promotions themed around ‘Halloween’. That’s in inverted commas because technically it should be spelled ‘Hallowe’en’. It’s an old spelling (16th century, in fact), and rather like words such as ‘thus’ and ‘whom’ (both of which I am a massive fan) can often give audiences exactly the jar you’re

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Common copy mistakes that kill readability

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Learning to spot a few common mistakes in your copy can help it to become much more effective at engaging your target market and creating a response. People need to be able to read your copy before they can be inspired, educated, or converted. Copy that isn’t easily digestible for the eyes and brain is

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Volkswagen’s Adverts Have a Message for Us All

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I particularly like the current campaign of Volkswagen television commercials. They feature a range of ordinary people hunting for a bargain, and finding it in a number of inadvisable situations. From budget shark diving to discount parachutes, special offer climbing ropes and cut-price laser eye surgery, the adverts perfectly sum up an old adage which

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Why you shouldn’t ask if your copy is too long

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Why ‘Is it boring?’ is the real question. Let’s talk about length, and why it’s important. It’s fine if you need to go outside and have a snigger first. The desired length for any given piece of copy is something that everyone from business owners to marketers obsess over. Take blog posts for instance. Some

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Why I charge hourly for copywriting services

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Copywriting rates can be a bit of a mystery, so I’ve decided to explain how I charge. But copywriting rates can confuse people. I thought it would be a good idea to take the time to explain exactly why I charge a copywriting hourly rate, for a service whose worth is measured in ways other

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Just some of my clients are

What My Clients Say

As Mark Twain once said, the difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between the lightning and the lightning bug. Rewan understands this and manages to cut through the noise of the internet with his prose. I wouldn't entrust my content to anyone else.

Matt Lindley

( Self )

Rewan is incredibly versatile and is able to turn his hand to every style we have thrown at him be it formal or informal, corporate or even Bohemian. Efficient, competitively priced, imaginative and accurate – a winning combination that makes this copywriter a must for your business.

Thinkpoint Design

( Andrew Beard and Sharon Sandercock )

I was dreading having to write the web content and tried many a time to start but only managed to sound cheesy and contrived! Rewan took all the info I gave him and somehow managed to turn it in to a cohesive and stylish piece of prose that basically nailed exactly what I wanted! It is now very reassuring to know that he can also help with blogs….!!!


( Cecily Mills )

Working with Rewan has been a very positive and engaging experience, and after only a couple of meetings he has managed to use his skills and ‘magic’ to produce copy that is relevant and tailored to a variety of client groups, creating simple and engaging information to detail our products and services, our unique selling point and to portray our business ethos.

Co-Design Place

( Katie Cooke )

Provide top quality & value for your business or your clients at just £40 per hour.